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about "The Wandering WebWhore

Q: What is "The Wandering WebWhore"?
A: "The Wandering WebWhore" is my diary/journal/weblog.

Q: Who are you?
A: I am Trixie, a full time "WebWhore". Besides doing phone sex and live video conferencing fantasy shows, I taught myself a little about web design and built my own amateur porn site, TastyTrixie.com.

Maintaining this site is more than a full time job in between creating the content (taking pictures and making movies of myself), designing how it is shown to members, marketing the site, staying in touch with my members with over ten hours a week of scheduled chat sessions & special spycam events, and keeping abreast of news and changes in the adult industry on top of the usual boring business & technological tasks that need to be done. The great thing about my "job" is that I can go in whatever direction I want to creatively. Being a webwhore is challenging & stimulating . . . in more ways than one ;-).

Q: What is a WebWhore?
A: If the above description of my "job" still leaves you wondering why I call myself a "whore", read my WebWhore Manifesto or this interview.

Q: How is your journal organized?
A: The most recent entries are listed first. Reading the first entry might have no context at all and be totally confusing. You'd have to start at the very beginning to get the whole picture, after all it's a diary.

When you go back into the archives you want to scroll all the way to the "last" entry (which is actually the first for that month).

Click here for my very first online journal entry dated March 2nd, 2001.

Q: Is your blog an attempt to get published?
A: No. Blogging is personally rewarding to me AND a great advertisement for my porn sites. That being said, I was very surprised and flattered to be published/anthologized in The Mammoth Book of Sex Diaries.

Q: Who are all the people you write about in your journal?
A: I'll have to get back to this question and many more later . . . but the most important person I write about in my journal is my Tucker, formerly known as my "houseboy". He now has his own journal and website too! You can read more about how we met starting in this journal entry. Houseboy is now a regular boyfriend and we live together.

Q: Who are these people leaving comments on your blog?
A: Anybody/everybody is welcome to leave comments on my blog (including you). I don't know all of the people who leave comments, there's no special "comment clique", but some of the folks who leave comments are members of my sites, fellow webwhores, and/or fellow bloggers.

Q: Why haven't you responded to my comments?
A: I think of my blog as a diary, not as a discussion forum. While I enjoy reading people's comments, I just don't have the time or inclination to engage in dialogue with everyone. If you're dying to converse, the best thing to do is arrange a call with me or join my site so you can chat with me during one of my scheduled voyeurcam chat sessions.

Q: Will you exchange links with me?
A: Maybe. You may want to read this first. I really don't link to very many people.

Q: Where can I find more of you on the internet?
A: I have a lot of websites, writing and content online, but my main websites are TastyTrixie.com. and SpyOnUs.com. Don't go there if you are offended by pornography. You can enjoy some of my site for free but by joining you can also access my spycams, weekly updates of my own home-produced amateur porn featuring ME in both softcore & hardcore photos and videos, etc.

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