Monday, November 15th, 2010:

Yesterday our drive at our hosting company storing and serving all of the files on our websites, blogs, and more DIED.

This means we have to start over from scratch uploading about 500GB of data from a number of different places and numerous pieces of backend scripts, etc. need to be reinstalled, customized, and more.

A large part of some blogs or ALL of other blogs are GONE. A few can be painstakingly hand-pieced together using archived material, but it looks like a lot is just gone forever, like my members-only blog.


We are trying to get our main sites and members-only areas back up AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. I am SO SO SORRY for this. It's a huge blow to us and I know is disappointing & frustrating for our fans.

MEMBERS: you are our top priority; we are working to restore our members-only areas and your access ASAP.

Thank you so much for supporting our work and understanding how much we care about our sites and providing you with special, intimate content. We will be back up soon!

-Trixie, Delia and AmberLily